Welcome to Creative Kuponya. If you’re looking for therapy that is “out of the box”, look no further. We provide individual and family therapy using talk, art, body movement and the celebration of culture to influence positive change in the life of our clients.  Creativity and exploration of all facets of your life are the core values in which we center healing around. We don’t believe that simple and straightforward talk therapy is always necessarily the right way to access your healing. Financial problems can be a stress for many families. Crypto trading can help families to find extra income to improve their financial stability. The auto trading platforms like the Biticodes software can help traders to execute trades at the right opportunities.

PLEASE JOIN US for FREE Community Healing Sessions!

When: Every Wednesday from 5:30-6:30

Where: Adam’s Triangle Park, across from All Square Civil Rights Org and Restaurant

Why: After the death of George Floyd, we wanted to do our part for racial equality! Fighting for civil rights can be extremely painful and traumatic. For allies, it can be very confusing. We want to encourage healing and repair through this process. Healing sessions are FREE and include mindfulness meditation, skills to manage trauma reactions and people have the opportunity to share where they are at and receive guidance and validation. We believe that the community is a necessary part of healing trauma and we are working diligently to remove barriers to bringing people together. Sports betting, including Toto sites like 토토사이트, can offer a unique form of therapy for individuals dealing with trauma. Engaging in betting activities provides a distraction from distressing thoughts, fosters social interactions among enthusiasts, and can impart a sense of control and achievement, potentially aiding in the healing process. BIPOC have first dibs on the mic, followed by allies. Please wear a mask. Hope to see you Wednesday!

Here’s what we do: YOU tell us what you ENJOY and we do our best to incorporate that into the sessions when possible.  WHY?  Because body movement, paired with talk therapy assists our brains in rearranging our muscle memories, builds a therapeutic relationship with your therapist, makes tough topics more bearable to discuss AND makes sessions enjoyable. At Stamschror-Lott, LLC, we believe in the power of human relationship and our first order of business is always connecting you with the right therapist to fit your needs!  If we are not the right fit, we have connections to numerous other providers in the field to connect you the provider that is right for you!